Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tennessee: Send Space Heaters

Wow. I mean, Brrr. Tennessee sure knows how to make it cold. I mean, Obama isn't even in office yet and he already seems to have cured Global Warming. (I'm just kidding with that link there.)

So, Michael and I flew into Nashvile on Thursday night. On Friday, we drove over to Knoxvile, and played a concert in a town called Jefferson City, hosted by our friend Luke. (His mother makes good food, by the way.) Had a great time with those folks, then drove back over to Music City, gaining back the lost hour on the way.

Saturday, we had--get this--the day off. I spent the day reading about Episcopal Church history, and Michael went and saw one of the sessions at the 3rd of 3 National Youthworkers Conventions, hosted by our friends at Youth Specialties. Then we had a lovely dinner with friends. Then we hooked up with our pals Alathea, who happened to be in town doing some kind of music-type meeting with some kind of music type people; we didn't want to ask. However, we did ask them to pose by a very scary picture of Billy Graham, right there in downtown Nashvile.

The next morning, being Sunday, I headed on over to the Cathedral in town to see how Episcopalians in Nashvile do their worship. Nice service overall, though it was kind of jarring to hear everything spoken, rather than sung. After that, we watched all the sad Titans' fans crossing the bridge downtown.

And then it was time to set up for our evening gig, which we did.

We played in the ballroom at the Rennaisance Hotel, for the 3rd late-night concert of the 3rd of 3 National Youthworkers Conventions, hosted by our friends at Youth Specialties. A surprising number of people came over, and we had a really fun time. Wish we could've played longer.

But, since we didn't, that meant we could still go out for my birthday, which we did. Stopped in several places on Broadway in Nashvile and listened to a variety of very interesting bands. My favorite was the 3-piece Rockabilly band with stand-up bass and only one guy in the band. Really fun, and lacking the boys-only overkill we all have come to expect these days. (You can tell it's a Rockabilly band by the big guitar the guy is playing.)

With the Jets' win, we ran into several people (or, they ran into us) who had been celebrating since the game ended. Usually this was as they were being escorted out of places.

With the celebrating over, we slept for a couple hours, then headed for the airport in the morning. I flew to NYC, where Justin picked me up and we headed for the second practice of the Life Church band. Michael flew home to make a Thanksgiving Dinner that couldn't be beat.

And speaking of that, we want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all. As our little gift to you, we send you our rapping pilgrim turkey greetings, right here.

Rock on, y'all,



Karen said...

You guys were AWESOME in Nashville. I wish you could have played longer too! I did hear a few folks say they never heard you before and really liked you. Hopefully they bought some of your cool CD's or T-shirts.

Jeff said...

You were great in Nashville. Thanks for being on the YS tour again this year.
Hope you enjoyed your b-day, George.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Bridget Delaney said...

thanks for the rapping turkey greeting!

We are not cooking this year. We are just picking up some stuff that needs to be heated. Yeah, new house and all, but things are not all ready yet, so we decided to make Thanksgiving easy.

Oh, yeah, services are strange when everything is spoken. It's like the evening service at the Episcopal church I now attend. The morning services have music, but the evening does not . . . strange indeed.

Sarah H. said...

Great turkey rap Michael, lol. Hope y'all had a great thanksgiving and stay warm!

erinicasey said...

i'm really happy that you guys are still around.
i first heard you guys when i was 11.
and it's literally 11 years later, and i'm seriously a bigger fan than i was then.

i really appreciate what you guys do.

be.love.serve. said...

I met y'all at that rockabilly bar. Was attending the NYWC. The band was great. I was the Canadian hanging with two brits in a Nashville bar... priceless!