Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Farewell Address

So long, y'all!
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For everything . . .

It's been quite a ride, as they say--a ride that started on bicycles, as a matter of fact.
We've played together as Lost And Found for 29 years.  (From back when the New York Metropolitans last won the World Series.)  We have played in all 50 states, and numerous other countries.  We've won the John Lennon Songrwiting Contest twice, and released 17 albums.  We've both married and had our allotted two daughters.  As best we can tell, we have played about 5,000 concerts, driven over a million miles, and flown a total of 4 million miles. 
Like we said, it's been quite a ride.
We have been able to do all this because we've had the support of friends, family, and you.
You are the ones who let us stay with you, and gave us food, and let us play our songs, and encouraged us through it all.
You are the ones who invited us to your youth gatherings, bought our cassettes, CDs, and mp3s.
You are the ones who encouraged your friends to listen to us with phrases like, "You've got to see them in concert, actually, to get it."
In short, you're the ones who made this career possible for us, an independent band trying to proclaim the Gospel through music, feed two families, and figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up.
"So, now what?" you ask.
Thanks for asking.
Michael has taken a job with a music-app start up.  George thinks this means he is going to get paid for listening to Spotify, but Michael insists it's an actual job, with bosses and a desk and stuff like that.

George has been applying for positions at churches, though nothing is solid yet.  Michael thinks this means he will be working one hour a week, but George insists he might end up at a church with more than one service a week, so it could be twice that much.
"What about the website?  And your store?  And Germany?" you ask.
Thanks for asking.
Our website,, will remain active for years to come.  We'll probably migrate it to a different hosting platform, since there will be no need to send out the Concert Tracker that our pals at ElectricPulp invented back in the 1900's.

Lost And Found merchandise will still be available at our store, for as long as we still have stuff.  That is, once we run out of things, we won't be printing them again.  You can still get the Farewell Tour shirts and Rock On shirts in most sizes, and we have most of our CDs in stock, though a few are already sold out.  Sometime this year, we will have DVDs of the online concerts from Dec. 29th available, so be on the lookout for those fun things.  Also, though many of our songs are available on i-tunes, the easiest way to find downloads is through CD Baby.  For actual CDs, go to our store.

The Luther 500 Festival is coming along quite nicely for 2017, and we hope you will plan to join us.  Registration is open now and you can reserve your space.  we're happy to have a variety of other bands traveling with us to Germany for the festivals in 2017.

Though we've accepted a couple of weekend events in 2016, as well as a youth gathering this summer, having actual jobs this year means we won't have many chances to get the band back together.  If you've got something up your sleeve, and can handle plane tickets and expenses, drop us an email.  You never know when our bosses or vestry will feel like letting us go for a couple days.
"So, is that it then? you ask.
Thanks for asking.
Pretty much, yep.

We might write some songs together again, once the dust settles.  And our Facebook page will remain active, since George can't stop himself from posting stuff there.

Thank you again for all your support over the years.  It means more to us than we can say, but please know, we are grateful, and we love you.

Stein Auf!

George and Michael
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Brace Yourselves! Tuesday's Coming!

December 29th, 4pm and 7pm Eastern Time
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Join Us for the Very Last Thing!

Now that we're on the Second Day of Christmas, and you're enjoying your two turtle doves, it's time to plan ahead for December 29th, and the four calling birds, and two online concerts.
In case you haven't heard, we're wrapping up our Farewell Year with two concerts right in your very own home, courtesy of the internet.  Two concerts, with set lists chosen by those watching, scheduled for 4pm and 7pm, Eatern Time on Tuesday, December 29th.
We're very excited about these concerts, and we hope you can get a ticket and tune in.
Here's the link:

A couple things to keep in mind . . .
  • You only need one ticket to access each show, and any number of people can gather around your phone or overhead projector to watch the show
  • Speaking of phones, it seems you cannot buy your ticket using an iphone, because Steve Jobs vs. Flash.  However, once you get your ticket, you can actually watch the show on a phone or tablet.
  • You can still make requests until midnight tonight (Eastern Time) by entering your song choice in the streaming feed at either show.  For more details about how to bump your request up in the list before midnight, you can visit  this blog post.
For those who were unable to attend the Final Weekend of concerts in the northeast, our friend Chris "The Professor" Roth has kindly posted his photos from the Final Event, of December 13th.  You can see that fine collection of pics RIGHT HERE.
Get your tickets for the online shows today, and get your request in before midnight.
And, most importantly, Merry Christmas, and a Happy Stein Auf to you all!
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