Monday, August 3, 2015


December 29, 2015

Two Online Shows

Get your tickets now!!!

The Early 4pm show . . .

4PM Eastern, click here

The Later 7pm show . . .

7PM Eastern, click here


We have decided to finish off our Farewell Tour with two final shows, both streamed online using a company called Stageit.  


The shows will be broadcast at 4pm and 7pm, Eastern time on December 29th, 2015.


The number of tickets is limited, due to bandwidth issues.  (We've been drinking milkshakes  to try to solve that, but so far, no big change.)


We recognize it is a bit of a process to get the tickets, but once you've created an account, purchased some "notes" (the currency in Stageit land), you can reserve a space at either show . . . or both!  12/29/15  4pm and 7pm



We're currently working on a method to allow folks to make requests.  We'll have a blog post explaining the process once we get it worked out, and we will e-mail those who've already purchased tickets.

But, don't forget, you need to get a ticket in advance, and space is limited, so get yours today, and don't forget to rock on!