Thursday, September 27, 2012

Silly Ol' September!

As the old saying which I just made up goes, "It ain't a blog post if you don't mention Canada."

So true, ain't it?  But we'll get to that.

As you may recall, we were destined for a big jaunt across corn country, or what used to be corn country.  This year it seems more like a lot of plants that someone forgot to water.  I think the technical term is, "drought."  But, as planned, we played in Williston OH.  Our new friend Ellie played some songs before our set, and that was awesome.  And during our set, we were presented with balloon hats.  And just as a presidential candidate must don the T shirt over the necktie, we wore the hats . . . and we'll appreciate your vote in November.

After that concert, we had to hightail it west, because we were scheduled the next afternoon in Decorah IA, which is a goodly distance away.  We did in fact make it in time, and played for Rally Day at a local park, which was great fun, despite the keyboard's tendency to need to be rebooted from the blazing sunball in the sky.

We both went home, and then regrouped for the third outdoor concert of the month in Grass Lake MI, which is quite close to Jackson, which claims to be the birthplace of the Republican party (though it should be noted that Madison WI, Exeter NH, and Crawfordsville IA, all make this same claim).  Anyway, we had a great time, and then hung around in town to play at a worship service in the morning at the sponsoring parish.

We both went home, and then Michael came out my way yet again so we could head down and play in Columbus OH, where everybody seems to wear red on Saturdays, in anticipation of shouting out the cleverest cheer known to human kind.  We stayed at my house that night, and then the next day headed to our stomping grounds of western New York to play at Holy Ghost Church, in Bergholz.  Saw all sorts of people from our past, and took in the stunning display of pastors' photos in the narthex, where we watched the Evolution of the Smile.

We stayed in downtown Niagara Falls, just to ramp up the nostalgia, and then bright and early headed back to Bergholz to play for a delightful group of grade school students from Holy Ghost school.  Then, obviously, we had to go to Viola's for a sub, and DiCamillo's for a loaf of bread, and then I dropped Michael at the airport, and drove on home to the second largest city in Ohio.

Which brings us to the ancient maxim regarding blog posts and our neighbors to the north:
In the morning, we're both flying to Calgary so we can drive on down to Lethbridge Alberta, which is the commercial, financial, transportation and industrial centre of southern Alberta.  And I believe it is also the center of those things, if I'm not mistaken.

Don't forget to welcome October when it comes around.  (October has a long memory when it comes to being slighted in such matters.)